Meetings and Events - 2018

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KHS Meeting Calendar

KHS Events Calendar

If there are horticulture-related events you think other members would be interested to know, please let us know!

Meeting Calendar

Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month from September to June at 7:30 p.m. They usually take place at Ongwanada Resource Centre.

The entrance to Ongwanada is on Portsmouth Ave, just south of Johnson St. It is immediately past the Health Unit on the left when going south. Park at the end of the driveway. The building is forward from the end of the drive. [There is more parking to the left.]

There are bus stops on Portsmouth near Ongwanada for evening route E12.

Visitors and prospective members are always welcome. There is no charge for members of the Kingston Horticultural Society or other garden club. For others, entry is $3.00. KHS and garden club members should please show their membership card when coming to meetings.

January 11

Speaker: Cathy Christie
Topic:     Saving Seeds and Starting Seedlings

February 7

Speaker: Warren Mabee
Topic:     Effects of Climate Change on our Plants and Forests

March 7

Speaker: Joyce Hostyn
Topic:     Pruning Trees and Shrubs the Right Way

April 12

Speaker: Barbara Roch
Topic:    Edible Wilds

May 10

Speaker: Astrid Muschalla
Topic:    Garden Creation Two Methods

Spring Bulb Show

June 14

Speaker: Laura Moses
    Container Gardening and Patio Designs

Iris and Peony Show

September 13

Topic:     Round Table Sharing: How Did Your Garden Grow?

Fall Vegetable and Flower Show

October 11

Speaker: John Poland
Topic:     Father and Son Gardening

Indoor Plant SWAP

November 8

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Awards
  • 2018 Highlights

December 13

Speaker: Irene Hoekstra of Western Landscaping
Topic:    Pathways and Hard Landscaping

KHS Events Calendar

Saturday, May 26
Public Plant Sale
Saturday, June 23
Rose and Flower Show
July 27-29
OHA Convention